Polished Concrete is an Option for Nashville Flooring in 2023 Commerical or Residential

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Hello everyone and welcome to the TKO concrete Podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, your host, TKO concrete is your premier concrete flooring company for the Nashville area and really anywhere in the southeast, but especially in Nashville, Tennessee. Today I have Zach Allman, concrete expert with TKO, and we’re going to talk about polished concrete floors. Hey, Zack, you’re on the call. Hey, how

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are you? Mr.

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Well, good, good. Well, give me a description of exactly what is polished concrete flooring. And what does that mean, to me as a consumer?

Zach Allman 0:35
polished concrete is actually a really tough floor. A lot of the commercial buildings are wanting it nowadays, just because it’s longevity. It’s basically what it sounds like you just polished the concrete you do about a 12 stage grinding process on it. And then you densify it to make it tighter, make it stronger, give it a little bit more longevity on that cap of your concrete. And then you do a sealer and you varnish it just to keep from anything that might spill on there to leak through and see seep into the concrete, ruin it leave a spot or anything like that. Which is why it’s kind of the most popular floor we’ve done in the past couple of years here. Especially like I said, with commercial commercial buildings.

Michael Stewart 1:16
So what kind of varieties does it do they come in colors? Or do they have patterns? You know, what does it look like? What does a polished concrete floor look like for the consumer polished concrete,

Zach Allman 1:27
there’s a ton of different options, you know, you can do different colors, whether it be a black, gray, brown, whatever you really feeling. And then as far as the actual look of the floor minus the color you’ve got, some of them have big stone aggregate which shows large rocks in the concrete. Others you know, they don’t want any they might have a little bit of salt and pepper is what we call it you see little tiny white and black stones all around. Just kind of depends on if you’re looking to see the stones, you don’t want to see the stones how shiny you’d like the the finishing to be, there’s kind of a million different options. So it is good for someone who might not want such a shiny floor, they can get $1 option in a red, green, blue, brown, gray, black, whatever they’re thinking

Michael Stewart 2:17
when you do a polished concrete floor, so you can come into an existing building or our new construction and make that an option to pretty much any building or location.

Zach Allman 2:30
New construction is typically easier with the polished floor, you want to have as minimal amount of patchwork possible. So new construction is always the best when you’re doing a polished floor. But it’s not necessarily just new construction, you can do it on older beat up floors just takes a little bit more elbow grease a little more time, a little more patching, and you can still make them look pretty shiny and get whatever type of sheen you’re looking at at it. But new construction is definitely a great way to polish concrete is definitely a great way to go with a new build.

Michael Stewart 3:03
So that is a definitely a flooring option that maybe some people aren’t aware of. Is it a lot more expensive? Or is it you know, competitively priced compared to other type of flooring options.

Zach Allman 3:17
Typically, it’s pretty competitively priced polished jobs usually ended up getting priced mainly on the labor side being that it is about 10 at least stage grinding process. So usually what you would pay for an epoxy floor or tile or wood floor, typically it ends up being a little bit less to do a polished job because the only thing you’re paying for is labor as opposed to labor plus materials.

Michael Stewart 3:43
If people are interested in getting polished concrete floors from TKO, what’s the best way to get in touch with you folks?

Zach Allman 3:50
I’d be happy to give you our number. Our number is 615970. Goodness 97098216159709 A two one. And that is our president’s number. We we love our customer service because we’re a smaller company. We try to take care of everybody that calls us everybody we talked to and we’d be happy to give you our president’s number or you could call my number at 615-289-5717 and we’re pretty quick.

Michael Stewart 4:25
Well, there you go. When it comes to concrete flooring. The only option you have in the Nashville area is to call TKO and until next time, be sure to share this podcast with your friends. If you have questions and have curiosities, that we do this as a public service to educate the market on how concrete floors are a great option compared to other flooring, especially in the industrial world, but also in the consumer residential world. concrete flooring is a great opportunity for you to have a greater addition to your building or your home until next time it’s the TKO concrete podcast

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