Concrete Patios For Nashville Homeowners, Explained

Michael Stewart 0:01
Hello and welcome again to the TKO concrete podcast and blog. We do this as a community service for the fine folks in Nashville to educate you on what the opportunities to have concrete flooring and other aspects and uses of concrete to beautify and make your home or your residents or your business much more functional with the with the ability of what concrete can do so today I have Zach Ullman. He is the concrete expert and what they’ve been doing a lot recently for homeowners residential homeowners is patios. So Zack, tell me a little bit about what you guys do with patios.

Zach Allman 0:39
Oh, we actually pour patios we finish the concrete on the patios whether you’re looking for just a nice broom finish to set some outdoor furniture and a grill or an umbrella on or you want some fancy outdoor enclosed patio with a nice epoxy and poly Aspartic floor finish. It’s just kind of up to you up to the customer whatever they’re feeling we’re happy to do it.

Michael Stewart 1:05
So so any size any any area, I mean, are these these patios, obviously our ground level? Because obviously you can’t suspend it like on a deck. But do you do decking or any wood? Wood enhancements? Or is it just the concrete patio?

Zach Allman 1:25
We typically like to stay just with the concrete. Our guys are really talented carpenters, but I like to keep them cutting forms. So we can we can keep building decks or decks excuse me patios, driveways, whatever type of concrete you might need. That’s what our guys are specialists in and we keep them on that.

Michael Stewart 1:44
Well, let me ask you, when you do a patio, is it just concrete? Or do you do some sort of stone masonry? Can you do that? Or is that something that you would have to recommend and outsource?

Zach Allman 1:57
Sometimes we’ll do you know, block foundation work or or you know, obviously we do concrete. Typically, if they want any type of stone masonry, we might sub that type of work out. But usually if someone would like you know, maybe they want the stone look they don’t like just the typical gray concrete, we actually offer a lot of decorative concrete so we can make it look as if it was a wood plank, but it’s actually concrete. And you can even come back Dianne brown make it look exactly like a wood plank and there’s options other than wood you know you can have a travesty and tile type look it’s just multiple different options of stamps decorative concrete that you could go with. So if you’re kind of tired of the bland broomed brush concrete patio, that’s where you know we get into the side of stamping it decorative work making it look like something it isn’t but in reality you still have the longevity and the strength of a concrete back patio or driveway or whatever it may be.

Michael Stewart 2:56
Wow so I wasn’t aware that you could take concrete and make it look like different types of outdoor decorative looking things I remember when I was a kid we you know our patio was laid with stone and of course you said the making it look like different colors and and look like wood. So there’s a lot of options. The best way for a customer to know what to do is get in touch with you. And I assume you when you come out and speak to folks you have the ability to show show them the different options is that correct?

Zach Allman 3:29
Absolutely. And even a good way to take a look at some of our work is to just check out our website at WWW dot TKO. We’ve got a few pictures up there or even give me a call at 615-289-5717 I always take a picture of just about every single job site I’ve ever been on my phone might be overloaded so I’d be happy to send you some of those photos.

Michael Stewart 3:52
Well you know if you if you want to beautify your backyard and you know one of the best ways to enjoy your home is to be able to do outdoor activities grilling you know some people may have above ground swimming pools I don’t know if you do the patios adjacent to and near swimming pools but but backyard fun is something that makes the vacation last all summer long. So not having a functional good patio. That’s a solution that TKO TKO can take care of. So call Zach and make sure that you let them have an opportunity to come out and show you what they can do. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the opportunities are. So this is Mike Stewart again for the TKO podcast if you need a patio, consider getting a TKO to make you a quote and give you the options to do that. You can subscribe to this podcast you know like us and share us and subscribe to this podcast. share us with your friends, and we’ll see you next time on another episode.

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