epoxy flooring

Concrete Patios For Nashville Homeowners, Explained

Michael Stewart 0:01 Hello and welcome again to the TKO concrete podcast and blog. We do this as a community service for the fine folks in Nashville to educate you on what the opportunities to have concrete flooring and other aspects and uses of concrete to beautify and make your home or your residents or […]

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Difference Between Epoxy Floors and Acrylic Sealer

Hey, it’s Zach with TKO concrete, people asked me all the time, what’s the biggest difference between an epoxy floor and an acrylic sealer. Your four biggest differences are really going to be the application process, the lifespan of your floor, the durability of your floor, and then of course, the aesthetics of your floor. […]

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Epoxy Flooring, Why You Should Use It Here in Nashville

Hey, I’m Zack with TKO concrete, I’m often getting asked why should I use epoxy instead of poly Aspartic and I always have the exact same answer, you need to use both. Here at TKO we use both epoxy and poly Aspartic in our floors to get you the best lifespan possible. Epoxy is a […]

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