Epoxy Flooring, Why You Should Use It Here in Nashville

Hey, I’m Zack with TKO concrete, I’m often getting asked why should I use epoxy instead of poly Aspartic and I always have the exact same answer, you need to use both. Here at TKO we use both epoxy and poly Aspartic in our floors to get you the best lifespan possible. Epoxy is a great material as a primer or a body coat just because it’s so much thicker than most of the other liquid materials that you can put down. And when it’s thicker, that gives you a lot more durability. So if you drop your hammer you pull your car on top of it. It’s not going to leave holes or fading or cracks or anything like that. But the reason most people say you should use a poly Aspartic instead of epoxy is because epoxy without a top coat tends to fade the yellow or peel after a few years from exposure to moisture and sunlight. If you add that poly Aspartic top coat on to your epoxy body coat, you won’t only have a strong and durable floor that’s able to take just about whatever you can put on top of it. But you’ll also have the UV and moisture protection of the poly Aspartic on top

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