Polished Concrete Flooring for Nashville TN and Surrounding Areas

Hello friends, I’m Kerry Pharr with TKO concrete coatings, we do a ton of polished concrete. Now, obviously, you have an interest in polishing some concrete, or you wouldn’t be sitting here listening to me talk about polished concrete. Now, what most people don’t understand is polished concrete takes a lot of steps. Sometimes it takes eight or 10 steps, eight or 10, passes across the floor with a grinder and a polisher and a burnisher. To get that floor to the level that you want. Recently, we knew of a large contractor who had brought in the lowest bidder on a job for a community college in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. And this person came in this low bitter and ground 48,000 feet, ran his grinder across at one time, and then burnished it and called it good. The problem was that the roof had been off for some time, there were rough spots, there were scratches, there were stains all over this floor. And it was horrendous. It was a horrible job. This contractor was from North Carolina, they had left the state of Tennessee, they were gone and they weren’t coming back. The general contractor was in a bind because the architect was a very reputable firm with you know, very high expectations. And every building that they built, you know, was a Primo looking building. The architect came in and inspected this for and said I can’t accept this. If you do not have it fixed in 10 days, you’re going to face hundreds of 1000s of dollars of liquidated damages because we have to turn the school over so that so the kids can start going to school here. Well, they were in a bind and they called us and said can you get this done? So we work night and day and we went through a five or six step process we went back in and ground that floor with 3040 grit diamond blades to get the you know the the stains and and the rust marks and the scratches out and then we jumped up to 6080 then we went to 120 and then we started polishing with Mach one Mach two Mach three and each one of these steps was a complete pass over the floor. And then we densified it then we sealed it didn’t we burnished it and it looked absolutely magnificent. The problem is it ended up costing this general contractor a lot more because he’d been forced into taking the lowest bid. My friend the lowest bid is not always the best bit. So if you want quality, quality polished concrete, I would invite you to call me Kerry for TKO concrete at 615-414-3727 today

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