Restaurant Concrete Floors

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Welcome to the TKO concrete podcast. My name is Mike Stewart and I’m here with flooring expert Zach Ullman. And we’re going to be talking about restaurant flooring. Now restaurant flooring is has specific type of materials that they use. And if you’re building a restaurant, or you’re a contractor that builds restaurants, or you’re somebody who is getting a contractor to estimate and build a restaurant for you, you really need to consider these type of floors that really work well on restaurants. So Zach, can you tell me all about why you guys are the experts at building restaurant flooring?

Zach Allman 0:39
Absolutely. So what makes us a little bit different than the rest of the companies that do restaurant floors is, we’re able to actually do a urethane Summit, and Cove base flooring inside of kitchens as well as doing the dining room. Typically, most companies that you contact, who do epoxy floors are usually just able to do you know, an epoxy coating or stained concrete in the dining room. And that’s it, we’re really able to kind of do the whole entire scope of the work at one time through one company. So you get your kitchen floor, your dining room floor, your bathroom floors, all in one for one company one time, it makes it a lot easier for contractors. Or even if you’re a restaurant owner, you know, only being closed down for that one little section of time for us to finish is a lot easier than say calling in someone to bring in you know, epoxy floors for the dining room and then a tile guy for the kitchen, you’re closed down for two weeks. It’s just not only does it look better, it’s easier for you

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what are the different types of floor called I understand that there’s some some people call it liquid floors other people call it epoxy. Some people call it you know what, what are the different terms that you need to be aware of that when you’re building a restaurant floor that that the consumers and you know anybody out there should know what what are those terminologies,

Zach Allman 2:05
you know, typically it differs usually in the dining room, they’ll want a different type of floor there both kitchen and dining room floors are both called Liquid floors, for lack of a better term just because they both use a liquid base in order to get it going. But in the dining room, you know floors that you’d want to look for a be like a Polish, a stained concrete floor epoxy floor, metallic floor, there’s a lot of different options in the dining rooms, you can do just to clear grind and seal. It’s really kind of up to you if you want to add color to it if you want it to, you want to be able to see the aggregate of the concrete below if you want to hide the concrete below because you know you might have an older uglier floor that needs a lot of patchwork. There’s a ton of different options are most standard ones for people trying to you know cut down on costs but really get a pretty product is typically what we call a grind and seal we come in grind the concrete patch any holes or cracks, and then do a clear epoxy topcoat on there and a poly Aspartic after that, and that it ends up being really sharp, easier to clean, easier to maintain. And it just looks really sharp.

Michael Stewart 3:19
So when you do these type of floors versus the other type of flooring that you can do in restaurants, they take abuse they last a long time.

Zach Allman 3:29
They do so what’s really good about you know, epoxy is it’s a thicker layer, and then we do in a poly Aspartic or a urethane topcoat to really get that durability longevity out of them. So long as you’re able to keep it clean, it’ll stay looking nice for you. We always try to tell people you know, keep away from oils and things like that. But if you’re out of the kitchen, you’re okay, people spill on it. It’s much easier to just wipe up with a rag. You don’t need any special chemicals, just a little water and soap if it’s dirty. And and that’s why people really like him.

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Well tell us how we can get in touch with you. And if we’re interested in learning more about getting a restaurant floor. You know whether you’re the person building the restaurant, or whether you’re a contractor that builds restaurants, who would they need to talk to and what number should they call?

Zach Allman 4:22
You can either talk to me or Gary Vincent at TKO concrete, you can find our numbers on TKO. it’s 615-414-3727 to get our office line or even call me directly to my cell phone at 615-289-5717 I answer every call I hunt down every lead I’d be happy to take a look at whatever they’ve got for us. Like I said whether it’s new concrete, old concrete, new build, old build, we can make it look nice.

Michael Stewart 4:52
All that’s great information. These are the concrete flooring experts and when it comes to building restaurant floors, they are the kings of the of the southeast of making floors so be sure to give Zach or Gary a call and we’ll see you next time on the TKO concrete podcast

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