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My name is Kerry Pharr, the founder of TKO concrete flooring or TKO concrete coatings. Now, obviously, you have a problem with your concrete floor, or you wouldn’t be looking for a video like this. Now you might have that old, ugly gray soil stained, chipped, cracked, painted unlevel concrete. And I don’t care what the case is, you don’t have a concrete problem that we haven’t seen. We’ve seen it all we’ve repaired restored. All types of, you know, distress concrete. We’ve been doing this for 20 years. And we’ve done over 2 million square feet of commercial, industrial and residential, concrete restoration. So you can rest assured that we can help you with your concrete problem. Now, obviously, you’re interested in polished concrete or you wouldn’t be looking at this video. Let me explain to you what polished concrete is. If you go into a big box store, maybe a Home Depot or Lowe’s, Walmart, now they are beginning, even a lot of the grocery stores Kroger’s, and those companies are all polishing their floors. Now the way and the reason they’re doing this is because number one, they’re very durable, they look very good. They’re low maintenance, they don’t have to replace the floor every four or five years, they last virtually forever. And so that’s why they’re moving in this direction. to polish the floor, what we do is we come in with a big walk behind grinder and we grind the surface of that floor. And we start with real aggressive grinder blades. And then we’ll make a pass and then we’ll come back maybe we start with a 3040. Then we go up to a 60 grid and at grid 120 grid, we can go all the way up to like a 3200 grit polishing pad on that floor depending on the level of sheen that you want. But what we have to do is we have to make eight or 10 passes on that concrete to get to the level of perfection that you’re looking for. But the higher we go the the greater the the surface looks and the more durable it is. So if you’re interested in polished concrete, you’ve come to the right place. We can help fix your concrete problem. All you got to do is call us at 615-414-3727 and I guarantee you nobody will take better care of you than TKO concrete flooring.

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TKO Concrete Flooring specializes in chemical resistant flooring and our urethane mortar flooring system excels in extreme heat and cold, resisting both thermal shock and thermal cycling. Our epoxy and urethane flooring systems are textured to prevent slips and falls, they stand up to oxidizing agents, organic acids and clean in place chemicals. The floors can be pitched to drains to prevent standing water from forming puddles and compromising sanitary regulations.
Urethane Cement

Our seamless epoxy and urethane floors have no joints to trap dirt and bacteria, making it easier to keep plant, food and beverage, breweries, restaurants, kitchens, and warehouse floors clean.

TKO Concrete Flooring can meet all of your epoxy or urethane floor coating or floor restoration needs. In addition to coatings we can install cementitious urethane floors where ultra heavy duty performance flooring is needed.


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