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My name is Kerry Pharr  with TKO concrete coatings. And obviously you have a problem with your industrial floor, or you wouldn’t be sitting here listening to me talk. I remember in about 2016 when we tried to break into the industrial floor, flooring, business and industry industrial floor coating business. We were contacted by the plant engineer at one of Western foods bakeries, one of their plants, they bake goods for Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s and they have huge plants are one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. Well, we were charged with the task of doing about 1500 square feet in a day, and it was an impossible task. We were supposed to grind 1500 feet of flooring get the existing coating off, patch all of the holes, and then prime the floor, let that dry and then come back and hand trowel the floor with a urethane cement and not get any dust in the air because it didn’t need any dust on your equipment or certainly in their food because the USDA would not allow that they would shut them down. And so we worked very hard and we were supposed to have all of that done, dry by midnight. So that forklifts could be on that floor and workers could be on that floor. And they could be baking cakes and pies and and doughnuts to ship out to their customers at Sam’s wholesale Costco, you know, Walmart the next morning. Now it was very hard work. It was almost impossible to get it done. But we got it done to their exact specifications. In that same building, there was another large contractor in another part of the plant that was charged with the same sort of job. They did not contain their dust. And what happened this contractor been working for Western food for years. Western foods never call that company again, but hired our company.

And over the next three years we did over 500,000 square feet of floor coatings for them urethane cement hand trial floor coatings for them many of them in and ice cold freezers and in the bakery plants, you know and so what ended up growing our company exponentially. It opened up doors for us, we started doing food and beverage companies, manufacturing companies, all types of industrial floors, and it made us experts and specialists in industrial floor coatings. Now I know that you have a special need just like Western foods did. You know usually you cannot work and unless there’s a shutdown or it’s holidays or weekends. We can meet your needs we can be there quickly to fix whatever your flooring issues are. So my friend I would like to invite you if you have a industrial flooring need to give me Kerry Pharr for a call at 615-414-3727 today

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TKO Concrete Flooring specializes in chemical resistant flooring and our urethane mortar flooring system excels in extreme heat and cold, resisting both thermal shock and thermal cycling. Our epoxy and urethane flooring systems are textured to prevent slips and falls, they stand up to oxidizing agents, organic acids and clean in place chemicals. The floors can be pitched to drains to prevent standing water from forming puddles and compromising sanitary regulations.
Urethane Cement

Our seamless epoxy and urethane floors have no joints to trap dirt and bacteria, making it easier to keep plant, food and beverage, breweries, restaurants, kitchens, and warehouse floors clean.

TKO Concrete Flooring can meet all of your epoxy or urethane floor coating or floor restoration needs. In addition to coatings we can install cementitious urethane floors where ultra heavy duty performance flooring is needed.


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