Acetone Dye and Solid Color Concrete Floors, What’s the Difference?

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Hello and welcome to the TKO flooring Podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, your host and today we’re here with Zach Allman, flooring expert with TKO. And he’s going to tell us about the difference between acetone dye, and then a solid color floor so that the floor is yours.

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Well, the main difference between acetone dyes and solid color floors is going to be with acetone die, you’ve got a little bit of variation in the color on the floor with a solid color floor. Since you’re mixing the pigment with that body coat and top coat, it’s going to be one continuous color all the way throughout. Now the advantages to having a solid color floor is if it’s a beat up slab, when we get to there, when we get to start on grinding, is you know, you’re going to have a lot of patchwork, a lot of cracks, a lot of holes and things that need to be fixed and repaired. If you do a solid color over that you don’t see any of the patchwork you just see one nice, smooth, continuous floor. Sometimes people want the acetone died, they’d like to see the cracks, they like to see the holes, they want to see the salt and pepper that aggregate. So the acetone die, you actually spray and acetone die on the concrete and then do to clear coats over that. Now you do see the patchwork, you do see cracks and things like that. But it does look a little bit fancier being that it’s got a little variation, it’s not necessarily a garage floor look. And then if you do go with acetone dye, typically they’re harder to get right at that color that you’re looking for. So we usually give people a chart that gives you a starting point to kind of get near. But with a solid color, we’re able to get that exact color every single time without fail. And that’s kind of the main differences between the two if you want to be able to see your concrete, acetone dyes definitely the way to go. If you’re looking for a dining room type floor, I would definitely vote acetone dye. If you’re looking for more of a garage floor, you just want to clean up your slab make it look a lot nicer, easier to clean and maintain solid color is definitely the way to go. Now, the biggest difference in the labor is like I said you only spray the acetone die. That’s the only difference between the two. Typically they end up being around the same cost at the end of the day. Well, thank

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you, Zach. That’s that’s very informative, and I hope that helps you the customer know the answers to the questions about the coloring of these floorings that can be used for so many purposes. Tko are the flooring experts and they’re the coloring experts. So reach out to Zach or Gary their phone numbers are here on the website at TKO. And we do this podcast as a customer service for everybody in the Nashville area and anywhere in the southeast that wants to get concrete professional flooring done. Until next time for the TKO podcast I’m Mike Stewart. Have a great day.

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